Why did

Matt Stoller

shut up about

Josh Hawley?

Matt Stoller is a policy wonk in DC who likes to tweet a lot about antitrust. For the past several years, Stoller has often tweeted about Josh Hawley, a senator from Missouri. Stoller was impressed by Hawley's policies, plans and statements.

Many people voiced criticism at the time to Stoller about Hawley being a social conservative who is trying to become popular by going after the tech companies. Stoller would often get into arguments with these people and kept on tweeting away about Hawley.

Until recently that is! The last time Stoller tweeted about Hawley was just before midnight on January 5th, 2021.

This is very odd, because Stoller used to tweet about Hawley seemingly whenever Hawley was in the news. Here's how long it has been since Stoller tweeted about Hawley by name:

    Hawley's been in the news lately because of the role that some thought he played in inciting the insurrection at the capitol on January 6th, 2021. Hawley was photographed raising his fist to the rioters at the capitol prior to walking into the capitol to challenge the 2020 presidential election results. Hawley objected to Biden being certified as the winner of the election and has been roundly criticized for his role in attempting to delegitimatize Biden's victory.

    So, it's very curious that Stoller has not tweeted or seemingly otherwise made any public statements about Hawley's role in the insurrection. Many people online agree and have been asking Stoller directly about this, replying to his tweets asking him about his opinion about Hawley. So far, Stoller has yet to reply to any of them, reversing his previous long standing practice of getting into long arguments with randos online.

    The question remains then, why did Matt Stoller shut up about Josh Hawley? Stoller held Hawley up as somebody who the left should work with and emulate. Does Stoller still think we should do that? Why has he so far declined to provide a comment on Hawley's role in the insurrection?

    This site was made by Zack Maril, someone who is curious about Matt Stoller's current opinion of Josh Hawley.